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Advances in Thoracic Surgical Oncology

an upcoming conference on thoracic oncology in New York, New York Continue reading

Pleural fluid cytopathology

How to prepare a proper specimen for pleural fluid cytology & cytopathological analysis. Continue reading

The Stigma of Lung Cancer

Medscape interviews Dr. Schiller regarding the stigma of lung cancer, as a ‘deserved disease.” Continue reading

Recommended reading: Advances in Lung Cancer

this 2012 article by Hannon & Yendamuri explains the newest methods and modalities of treating nonsmall cell lung cancer (NCLC) as well as the importance of accurate staging for diagnosis and evidence-based treatment. Continue reading

CT scans for the early detection of lung cancer: new recommendations

Article re-post on the newest recommendations for screening guidelines for early detection of lung cancer. Second in a series on lung cancer related topics as part of Lung Cancer Month. Continue reading

The Pearl Ribbon

the social stigma of lung cancer and the ‘pearl’ ribbon campaign Continue reading

Lung Resection in the Elderly – the Harvard/ Keating experience

a new article published in Cancer, and summarized at Medscape talks about the importance of Lung Resection for long-term survival in Lung Cancer. Continue reading

SITS lobectomy with Dr. Diego Gonzalez

Discussion of a case report by Gonzalez, Paradela, Garcia & Dela Torre (2011) of a lobectomy by single incision thoracoscopic surgery. Continue reading

Mailbag: Cancer Treatment Centers of America & Lung Cancer

Cirugia de Torax answers one of the most frequently received email inquiries regarding lung cancer treatment and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Continue reading

Intrathoracic Hyperthermic Chemotherapy (Hithoc) in advanced non-small lung cancer: the Nara Experience

As part of a continuing discussion of HITHOC (Hyperthermic IntraThoracic intraOperative Chemotherapy), today we are talking about the results of a small study conducted at the Nara Medical University, School of Medicine in Nara, Japan. Continue reading


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