Grena Ltd. presents new vascular clips for thoracic resection

Ever had a clip slip in surgery? New vascular clips to help prevent massive hemorrhage and loss of vascular control from clip slippage.

There is a big push towards cost-saving measures in many operating rooms – by changing back from clips to suture, or using existing energy devices (such as the harmonic scalpel electrocautery device) to replace GIA staplers, clips, and other closure devices.  Despite the pressure from financial departments, vascular clips and staplers continue to be popular in thoracic resections.  For many surgeons, the idea of using a harmonic device alone for vascular control is an uncomfortable one.  (The rule of thumb for using energy devices is to avoid using these devices on any vessels with a diameter larger than one-half the length of tip of the device.)

In other cases, such as large caliber arterial vessels such as the pulmonary artery or control of acute hemorrhage, cautery devices are often contraindicated.

During the recent conference in Peru, Marc Moneaux of Grena, Ltd. gave a presentation on the newest generation of vascular clips designed to address some of the problems with the existing clips, mainly clip dislodgement.  The new clip, called with Click aV Plus clip has been endorsed by several prominent thoracic surgeons including Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas and Dr. Alan Sihoe.

At VATS International 2016, attendees were able to try out these new clips in the hands-on lab.

The new clips are noted for having teeth, which make these clips less prone to slippage or dislodgement.

Along with Dr. Gonzalez Rivas’ celebrity surgeon endorsement comes the Click’a V Plus Gonzalez Rivas 45′ clip appliers.


Author: K Eckland

World of Thoracic Surgery is a blog about the work, research, and practices of thoracic surgeons around the world. It includes case studies, [sometimes] dry research, interviews with thoracic surgeons along with patient perspectives, and feedback.

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