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Ultra-fast open tracheostomy

Dr. Chin-Hao Chen demonstrates ‘ultrafast open tracheostomy.’ Continue reading


Dr. Pierre – Emmanuel Falcoz and the Thoracoscore

Dr. Pierre Emmanuel Falcoz, thoracic surgeon from Strasbourg, France and the thoracoscore for predicting in-patient mortality. Continue reading

The Happiness of Surgeons

Today’s surgery is a far cry from the surgical practice of our fathers and grandfathers, and it shows. Surgeons today report high levels of burnout, job dissatisfaction and depression in a survey of American surgeons reported in a new article by Balch et. al. Continue reading

Thoracic surgery and the STS database

a discussion of the Thoracic Surgery database, the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the upcoming STS conference in Atlanta, Georgia. A call for participants in the Thoracic Surgery database. Continue reading

Who is performing your thoracic surgery, part II

Promoting the thoracic surgery specialty during an interview with Ilene Little, founder and writer for Traveling4Health.com Continue reading

The Thoracic Surgeons of Bogota

After living and working in Bogota, Colombia for the last five months as part of a separate project, I have decided that the story of the thoracic surgeons of Bogota needs to be told. I have been interviewing surgeons from┬ámultiple specialities day in and day out for months, but it the personal stories and the … Continue reading

Who is performing your thoracic surgery?

The majority of general thoracic surgical operations in the United States are performed by surgeons not specializing in thoracic surgery. [despite the fact that] Both general thoracic surgeons and cardiac surgeons achieve better outcomes than general surgeons.” Schipper et. al (2009). Continue reading