Who is performing your thoracic surgery, part II

Promoting the thoracic surgery specialty during an interview with Ilene Little, founder and writer for Traveling4Health.com

I was recently interviewed by a long-time journalist, Ilene Little.  Ms. Little, a former reporter for the Seattle Times, who founded and maintains the Traveling 4 Health website, an on-line site created to provide savvy senior citizens with more information about overseas retirement and health care options.

Ilene Little and I discussed the role of nurse practitioners in surgical specialities, as well as the need to educate the public for continued patient safety.  As part of this, I discussed the role and mission of Cirugia de Torax.org in providing patient education on surgical topics, and promoting the international thoracic surgery specialty among lay people.  We also talked about the necessity of providing a worldview versus a country-specific (or United States dominated) discourse in this era of increased globalization.

Ms. Little’s recently published an article based in part of the interview and content from our site.  It is available at her site, Traveling4health.com