Ten years of Thoracics.org

It’s our ten year anniversary of thoracics.org! It’s an amazing milestone for us.

Ten years of interviews, case reports and the latest research and developments in thoracic surgery.. Ten years of trying to connect patients with the information they need – ten years of sharing information from around the globe.

We have worked very hard to remove many of the barriers that hinder the widespread reporting of new developments; whether due to language barriers or a long-standing western bias in publishing.

We have also tried to put the human faces on this work, work that is done by individuals, and people around the world, for the purpose of helping others. We need to know the names and faces of our heroes. We need to know about the long hours, all-night surgeries, skipped meals, lost times with families and all the other personal sacrifices that these people undertake willingly, on a daily basis.

While we have been quiet for the last several months, during the Covid-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean that thoracic surgery has. Surgeons around the world, have continued to operate, take care of patients, conduct research and advance the field, in the midst of one of the worst global pandemic in modern times.

So we will be highlighting some of this work in the coming days. We will also pay homage to the brave healthcare workers and surgeons during this pandemic.

Author: K Eckland

World of Thoracic Surgery is a blog about the work, research, and practices of thoracic surgeons around the world. It includes case studies, [sometimes] dry research, interviews with thoracic surgeons along with patient perspectives, and feedback.

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