Summer 2019: Uniportal VATS: Troubleshooting

It’s the conference of the season – in Potsdam, Germany.  This conference which includes lectures by the leading experts along with live surgery demonstrations with dry and wet labs is designed to address pitfalls and problems that surgeons may encounter when using the newer uniportal VATS techniques.

brochure for the upcoming conference

This course is part of the Masterclass series produced by Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas and Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. The course is hosted by Dr. Mahmoud Ismail, and is sponsored by Grena surgical supplies.

If you’ve wanted to learn about uniportal VATS – this is the class to do it! If you want to sharpen your minimally invasive techniques – this course has the full lab experience. Learn with the experts – and exchange ideas with your peers. will be there as part of an on-going research project this summer.

Potsdam VATS 2019 basic information:

Date of course: June 13th – 15th, 2019

Location: the Villa Bergmann in Potsdam, Germany

Cost: 500 euros for lecture and live surgery

1,600 euros for full course including labs (limited space availability)

Noted faculty include many of our favorites: Dr. Alan Sihoe, Dr. Gaetano Rocco, Dr. Scarci along with Gonzalez Rivas and Dr. Ismail.

For more information about the conference, contact the course coordinator at or register on-line at the website.