Project update: electronic data submission

Using today’s handheld technology to conduct the research of tomorrow – a new application of smartphone mobile applications to connect study sites around the world.

Still working on the Android and Apple platform builds for electronic data submission.  I’ve been tweaking some of the data fields but should finish in the next couple weeks.  I will also be hosting a separate link for people to submit data directly – I’ll post more information in the next coming weeks.

electronic data collection with real time submission

I’m pretty excited about it – I think it will simplify the data collection process for everyone involved.  Before we ‘go live’ in a few months – we’ll have a trial period to make sure that everything works correctly.  I’ll need your help, so check back here in the future for more information on where to download the applications, if you are interested in participating.

(We are also welcoming submissions from surgeons at normal altitude, so feel free to email me at if you are interested.)

I recently gave a presentation on the electronic data portion, so I am including it here.

Data Collection Tool for Clinical Research ppt

Author: K Eckland

World of Thoracic Surgery is a blog about the work, research, and practices of thoracic surgeons around the world. It includes case studies, [sometimes] dry research, interviews with thoracic surgeons along with patient perspectives, and feedback.

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