How to write a case report

References and resources for case report writing

Case reports, which are one of the oldest form of medical literature are by and large becoming a lost art.   Considered observational, and low-level evidence in a time of ‘pay-for-performance,’ CMS guidelines and ‘evidence-based practice,’  the utility and educational nature of case reports is often overlooked.  To many in the medical publishing industry, as the meta-analysis dominates the scientific landscape, the traditional case report is rapidly becoming a thing of the past (Kasim et. al. 2009).

However, to the practitioners, the case report remains an invaluable tool.  These anecdotal stories stay with us, and may facilitate recognition of signs and symptoms that would otherwise go unnoticed, particularly by junior medical providers.  Also the case report is often the first entry into a career punctuated with scholarly writing.

As such, in honor of the historical, humble case report, we have dedicated this post to providing assistance in authoring high quality case reports.  Below are a list of resources to help get you started in your case report writing efforts.

Many readers have also noticed that here at Cirugia de Torax, we have our own section for Case Reports – a practice area, if you will, for budding writers, and others to present cases as we polish our writing skills, and a forum to share information with the thoracic community in a more relaxed and informal way.  So collect your films and stories and send them our way.

References/ Resources

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Author: K Eckland

World of Thoracic Surgery is a blog about the work, research, and practices of thoracic surgeons around the world. It includes case studies, [sometimes] dry research, interviews with thoracic surgeons along with patient perspectives, and feedback.

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