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Update on Dr. Diego Gonzalez-Rivas in Bogota, Colombia

Since I received several inquires from surgeons in Latin America who were interested in finding out more about the conference featuring Dr. Diego Gonzalez in Bogotá, Colombia – I contacted the event coordinator, Cristina Barciona directly.

However, as Ms. Barciona explained – this is a Johnson & Johnson corporate event, that is invitation-only, so outside attendees such as interested surgeons (and this particular nurse) are not invited.  In fact, several of Bogota’s well-known thoracic surgeons have confirmed that they have been excluded from the guest list for this event.  This is certainly a very different response than I would have expected given Johnson & Johnson’s image in the United States, where they have the “Discover Nursing” and other high profile media campaigns..

I have to admit that’s very disappointing news – being such as big fan of Dr. Gonzalez – Rivas as well as the thoracic surgeons in Bogotá, Colombia, I was really looking forward to writing about the event.

Sorry, folks for getting your hopes up.  So if you can – head to Florida for the Duke sponsored,”Masters of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery ” course in September.

All the details are available here.

I’ve attended Duke-sponsored events in the past (cardiac anesthesia updates in Hilton Head, SC) and the quality of the events are fantastic.

To contact Ms. Cristina Barciona directly, send an email to:

To contact Johnson and Johnson:

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