Mobile Application Overhaul

Despite the initial success of our first mobile applications, the applications have developed a series of bugs and other issues.  Since we are currently developing additional applications for use in our research project – we are also revising STS general thoracic application and adding an iPhone compatible version.

As always – the icons for our programs remain the same:

official icon for cirugia de torax
official logo of Cirugia de Torax

As soon as the new applications are up and running – we will update our links.  As always, these applications remain free for users.


Thoracic Surgeons and smoking cessation

The use of social media by health care professionals to connect with our patients has increased at a phenomenal rate in this age of enhanced technology, social networking and smartphones.

Thoracic surgeons, preventative medicine and other pulmonary specialists at the University of Tennessee – Health Science Center in Memphis have created a new Apple application for help smokers finally put down those cigarettes for good.  The application which is called “Quit Forever App” is free and is an important tool in an increasing arsenal of health-related applications.