Not enough surgeons = not enough surgery for lung cancer patients in the UK

a new article in The Guardian – discusses the impact of the shortage of thoracic surgeons in the United Kingdom – and estimates that 1500 people die annually because of the lack of available surgeons.

A new article in the British newspaper, the Guardian highlights the growing shortage of thoracic surgeons in the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately, these shortages mean that patients with potentially resectable cancers are going without surgery.

The UK boasts a total of 70 thoracic surgeons for their population of almost 62 million.  Sources cited in the article estimate a shortage of approximately 30 surgeons..

This is a drop in the bucket of the estimated shortage of over 2,000 cardiothoracic surgeons that is anticipated to affect the United States over the next ten to fifteen years as surgeons retire in large numbers.   This underlines the mission of Cirugia de Torax, to form alliances with thoracic surgeons internationally, cement the important of specialty practice and build bridges with the general public.

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