History of Thoracic Surgery

a selection of citations and links to articles detailing the rich, and sometimes colorful history of thoracic surgery

This section is for snippets depicting the history of Thoracic Surgery.

Attached is the notes from a International Thoracic Surgery Meeting in 1950. Note the job listings on page five.

History of Thoracic Surgery (in Iran) – in honor of one of my favorite Thoracic surgeons. Quite an interesting read – and a reminder that modern medicine/ surgery originated in the middle east.

History of thoracic surgery and the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association – a paper presented on the anniversary of the organization.

The series of articles, “The mid-century revolution in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery” by A. P. Naef are an excellent and interesting overview on the history of cardiothoracic surgery. But, then again, Dr. Naef sounds like a pretty fascinating guy in his own right.  Part three is my personal favorite in this series..

The mid-century revolution in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery: Part 1.

Part Two: Prelude to 20th century cardio-thoracic surgery

Part Three [esophagectomy or the story of the esophagus as told by the lives of Richard Sweet, Ivor Lewis and Marc Orringer]

Part Four: [the rise of cardiac surgery]

Part Five: [mitral surgery]

Part Six: [open heart surgery]