History of Thoracic Surgery

History of Thoracic Surgery

This section is for snippets depicting the history of Thoracic Surgery.

Attached is the notes from a International Thoracic Surgery Meeting in 1950. Note the job listings on page five.

History of Thoracic Surgery (in Iran) – in honor of one of my favorite Thoracic surgeons. Quite an interesting read – and a reminder that modern medicine/ surgery originated in the middle east.

History of thoracic surgery and the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association – a paper presented on the anniversary of the organization.

The series of articles, “The mid-century revolution in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery” by A. P. Naef are an excellent and interesting overview on the history of cardiothoracic surgery. But, then again, Dr. Naef sounds like a pretty fascinating guy in his own right.  Part three is my personal favorite in this series..

The mid-century revolution in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery: Part 1.

Part Two: Prelude to 20th century cardio-thoracic surgery

Part Three [esophagectomy or the story of the esophagus as told by the lives of Richard Sweet, Ivor Lewis and Marc Orringer]

Part Four: [the rise of cardiac surgery]

Part Five: [mitral surgery]

Part Six: [open heart surgery]

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