Are you ready for VATS International 2018?

Out of all of the topics covered here at – one of the most popular topics among surgeons and surgical residents is minimally invasive surgery – uniportal, in particular.  There is a steady stream of inquiring readers wanting to know more – about the data, the current evidence, and state of uniportal surgery.  There is also a flood of inquiries on where to obtain training in these minimally invasive techniques.   With the annual VATS International conference, attendees can have it all – access to the leaders in the field, while listening and participating in (sometimes) heated discussions on evidence based data, surgical outcomes and relevant research. This year, the conference moves out of merry ole England, and over to Italy.  This year, the conference is being held in Monza, outside of Milan on September 28 – 29th.

Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas at VATS International 2017

It continues to be the best of all of the available surgical conferences for thoracic surgeons, with the opportunities to learn from the masters themselves, in the surgical lab that accompanies live surgery, panel discussions and formal presentations.

Tenative program for VATS International 2018

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