Future of Thoracic Surgery

Robotic Surgery training centers

Along with minimally invasive surgery (such as single port surgery), robotic surgery is one of the evolving therapies in thoracic surgery.  While the first-generation robots were unweldly, and awkward to position and use in the operating room, newer models and increased collective and individual experience has addressed some of the initial problems as well as the steep learning curve.

The most well known of these devices is the da Vinci robot.  While the robot has been used for several years, there still aren’t many thoracic surgeons using this technique.  (I have emailed a couple thoracic surgeons who practicing robotic techniques – so hopefully I can bring more information about their programs soon.)

But where do interested, practicing thoracic surgeons go for training?  What kind of training is available?  There are several programs nationwide, and more coming.

The Nicholson Center has recently expanded their robotic surgery training center.

Across the country, at UC San Diego, another new training site (which includes robotic surgery) has opened their doors.

This February (2012), Baptist Health South Florida is hosting the second annual Miami Robotics Symposium.

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