Thoracic surgery conference – VATS Peru this September..

Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas headlines the ALAT sponsored event this September.


Cardiothoracic surgeon and the coordinator and director of VATS Peru, Dr. Carlos Fernandez Crisosto cordially extends an invitation for all interested thoracic surgeons to attend VATS Peru.  This event is co-sponsored by ALAT being held at the Hospital Essalud Tacna in Tacna, Peru on the 21st and 22 of September.  The 2 day course includes a wet-lab for a hands on approach at teaching uniportal VATS with Dr Gonzalez Rivas. has written for additional information – so I will update this post as information arrives.  To register – click here.

Corrections: as many readers know, I do much of my writing on the fly, in airports, waiting rooms etc.  The sometimes results in spelling and grammatical errors.  As always my sincere apologies.

Summer at Cirugia de Torax

Cirugia de Torax criss-crosses the globe to bring you news about the latest and greatest in thoracic surgery


 ALAT in Medellin

It’s shaping up to be an exciting summer at Cirugia de Torax.  We will be heading to Medellin for the annual conference of the Latin American Association of Thoracics..  The Who’s Who of Latin American thoracic surgeons – so I hope to see some familiar faces and catch up on their ongoing projects..

HITHOC with Dr. Isik

After the conference, it’s a quick trip home before heading over to Turkey to interview Dr. Ahmet Feridun Isik to hear more about his HITHOC program.

Dr. A. Feridun Işık and his team perform cytoreductive surgery and the HITHOC (HIPEC) procedure
Dr. A. Feridun Işık and his team perform cytoreductive surgery and the HITHOC (HIPEC) procedure

Dr. Isik and his colleagues have been very gracious during our correspondence – and I’ve been planning a trip to talk to him in person (and see his program) since I first read his work.